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Rapid Steps for Working in RapidHire

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  • Recruiting personnel enter data, perform tasks, track status, and view information in a variety of work screens designed to follow the standard process of recruiting from initial contact through to orientation and hiring.

  • At the Main Menu, start by selecting Work with Driver Records, by using the F1 Function Key.  Access to the Report, Category, and Customer Specification sections is available to Administrators only.

  • Select the Category of Drivers you wish to view using the number 1 and Enter or F1 function key. Driver Records are sorted by Name, SSN, Status, and numerous other criteria or stage of the hiring process.

  • Select the Driver Record you wish to view using the number 1 and Enter or F1 function key.  You will then view the BASIC INFORMATION SCREEN.

  • Use F2 key to Start a New Driver Record on the BASIC INFORMATION SCREEN.

  • Personnel processing internet apps, use F6 key to Get Internet Apps and view the BASIC INFORMATION SCREEN.

  • Use F7 key to send or read messages in the RapidHire Messaging System.

  • After accessing a specific Driver Record in the F4 BASIC INFORMATION SCREEN, you may proceed to the following work screens and sections:


    • F6 NOTES







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  • Use the TAB key to move from field to field.

  • Use the PGUP and PGDN to scroll through lists.
  • Use the F1 key to make your Selection in Browse Lists.  Use the number 1 key to make your selection in Pull-down Menus.
  • Use the F3 key to Save or Apply Data and Exit a work screen.  It is NOT necessary to press ENTER after each field is entered. The F3 key in RapidHire always saves your data, even if you did not press ENTER. 
  • RapidHire will always save your data when you move to another screen using one of the F Function keys - EXCEPT WHEN YOU USE THE F12 CANCEL KEY.  You will be prompted to press F12 a second time, if you truly wish to exit a screen without saving the data entered.
  • Use the CTRL key, or on some keyboards ESC, to reset if you receive the error message "FUNCTION KEY NOT ALLOWED" on any screen and you are unable to proceed.
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  • You may find a specific driver’s record in any browse list by entering the first few (1 to 3) characters in the “POSITION TO” fields at the top of the screen.  For example, enter the first 3 numbers if sorting by SSN or first 3 letters of the driver’s last or first name.  Then press F1.  The cursor will be re-positioned to the first possible match and you can then make your selection.
  • When you are browsing through Drivers, press F3 to return to the "POSITION TO" fields at the top, where you can enter the first characters of a field to re-position to that part of the browse list. 
  • To exit from the Driver Category screen, press F3 again when you are at the "Position To" field and you will exit from the browse list.
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  • When keying in dates, SSN, or phone numbers, press ENTER after the field to check the data format and avoid receiving the INVALID DATA ERROR message. 

RapidHire will automatically format the date as MONTH/DAY/YEAR if you simply enter the SIX DIGITS (123105) without entering any slashes. Remember, do not use the dash in dates.

RapidHire will automatically format phone numbers, SSN, and CDL numbers, if you simply enter the numbers (5552223434) without entering any dashes, slashes, or parentheses.

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  • After keying in the SSN, press ENTER to verify if it is a duplicate number.
  • If it is a duplicate, you will receive an error message in red at the bottom of your screen.
  • If it is duplicate, follow these steps:
  1. Re-enter the SSN in the Duplicate SSN field to the right.
  2. Fill in the regular SSN field with ###########.
  3. You may then exit with F3 and all the info you entered will be saved. A temporary ## SSN will automatically be generated by RapidHire, but you can get back to the record using the Driver's name.
  4. Return to the Browse Driver Categories screen and look up the driver on the SSN Ordered Browse Screen.  This will tell you if it is the same person, who has been previously entered into the RapidHire system.
  5. If it is not the same person,  it would probably be a good time to order a SSN check on the driver that is already entered, to ensure their SSN is correct.   SSN's can be corrected when errors are found.
  • Even if a Driver does not remember applying before, it's a good idea to enter their name in the position to fields of the LAST NAME browse screen and hit enter. This will allow you to quickly see if the driver is already in your database.
  • If the Driver is not already there, then when you press F2 to create a new application, the name already entered in the position to fields will be copied into the new record and you will not have to re-enter it.

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  • To ensure rapid, standardized data entry for many fields, RapidHire provides auto-fill and pull-down lists, which are already populated with your company's specific selections. This includes fields such as "Position" and "Conditional Pay Offer".

  • Another extensive pull-down series is RapidHire's "Ad/Referral Information" list, which include most newspapers in every state. When entering Job History, you can choose from hundreds of trucking companies and their addresses in the "Trucking Company" field.

  • There are three ways to use the auto-fill and/or access pull-down lists when you are entering data.  Start by positioning your cursor at the start of the field and:

  1. Enter the first few characters (1 to 3 numbers or letters of the word.) Then press F1. The field will be automatically filled with the data that matches those identifying characters. For example in the “POSITION” field: type "C", then F1 and that field will display "Company" as the only "C" selection for Positions available with your company. If there are multiple possible choices matching the character(s) you have typed, the pulldown list will be displayed with the cursor positioned to the first possible match and you can then make your selection by typing 1 and ENTER.


  2. Use the F1 key to access the complete pulldown list. Use the TAB and PGDN keys to find your selection or type the first few characters and F1 in the "POSITION TO" field at the top of the screen. The cursor will move to the first possible match and you can make your selection by typing 1 and ENTER.


  3. The asterisk key is a substitute for pressing F1 when the cursor is the first position of a field. For this reason, the asterisk cannot be used as data in the first position, as this will cause the pulldown menu for the field to appear.

  • Those fields which require a series of data offer corresponding sequential pull-down lists. For example in the "Ad/Referral" field, when you select Newspaper in the first pull-down list of Media Type, you will be automatically cycled into the next list which is State and then taken to the third pull-down list  to select the specific Newspaper.

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  • When you bring up an IAPP internet application and you are satisfied you have had time to review it, place the cursor on the field that is labeled SOURCE and press F1.

  • This will change the status of the application from IAPP to IAPPSEEN and it will be removed from the 'NOT SEEN' category.

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