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  • To  sort drivers into various categories, generate reports, produce forms and letters, and accumulate tallies in the Management Situation Overview Screen, RapidHire requires accurate status coding of driver applications.

  • RapidHire looks for standard terms in the status codes, which can be selected from the pulldown menus.  Wherever possible, RapidHire has also given each status code three unique starting characters, to provide rapid-entry auto-fill of commonly used status codes.

  • There are five main types of status and sub-status codes:

    • General Application Status Codes
      .... for tracking the driver through the overall hiring process.   These range from ACTIVE and  OPPORTUNITY .. to HIRED, DECLINED (BY DRIVER) or REJECTED (BY COMPANY) .. to TERMINATED or QUIT (for tracking driver retention.).

    • Sub-Status Codes (of General Application Status)
      ..... for identifying ACTIVE status drivers who are SCHEDULED (FOR ORIENTATION) .... or to track OPPORTUNITY status drivers for future contact .... or for reasons drivers have left the company.

    • Processing Status Codes
      .... for tracking the driver through the job history and background check .... from ACTIVE .. to MANAGER REVIEW REQUIRED .. to COMPLETE & OK or DISQUALIFIED.

    • Job Verification Status Codes
      .... for assigning an overall assessment of each job in a driver's history .... ranging from BAD LEVEL 1 (non-signature data)  .. to NO SUCH COMPANY .. to OK LEVEL 2 (signature data.)

    • Orientation Status Codes
      .... for identifying drivers SCHEDULED for orientation, plus drivers who SHOW or are NO SHOW at orientation.

  • Creating your own status codes or failing to use RapidHire's standardized coding may result in inaccurate browse categories, incomplete reports, erroneous counts ... in addition to increasing the risk of miscommunication and missed driver opportunities.

  • Please contact RapidHire to make any changes to status codes; and the resulting category and report changes.    CONTACT RAPIDHIRE HELP DESK








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