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Typically your recruiters will not require any training in order to use RapidHire effectively, even though RapidHire has a full set of powerful features.  For companies that want to have formal training and ensure a fast start for the Recruiters, Managers, and Operations personnel who will be using RapidHire, we can furnish this training at your site.  Back to Top

Transfer RapidHire data into your current Payroll and Operations files.

RapidHire will transfer driver data into popular Dispatch software. We can also create custom transfer procedures for other trucking software.  Back to Top

Use our iSeries to run RapidHire.

You can run RapidHire on our IBM Server over the Internet. The only communications facility you need is access to the Internet, which you probably already have. We also provide the communications to DAC services from our server.  Security of your data is provided by nightly back-ups to tape. This Application Service provides RapidHire access to only company-authorized Users. They and they alone can access your copy of RapidHire from the Internet.  Your Driver files can be transferred to your own computers at any time you desire.   Back to Top


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