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  • What are the computer requirements of RapidHire software?

    • RapidHire provides program hosting on our IBM Server, over secure internet connection.  Your only requirements are access to the Internet and a Windows PC, which you probably already have.  We also provide the communications to DAC services from our IBM server. This Application Service provides RapidHire access to only company-authorized Users. They and they alone can access your copy of RapidHire from the Internet.  Your Driver files can be transferred to your own computers at any time you desire.

    • RapidHire Driver Recruiting Management Software can also operate on  IBM AS/400 iSeries.

  • Can we transfer RapidHire data into other programs we are using?

    • When a Driver is Hired, their data is automatically transferred into the required Operations and Payroll files under the control of Human Resources or Compliance staff.

    • RapidHire will transfer driver data into popular Dispatch software.  We can also create custom transfer procedures for other trucking software.

  • What reporting capabilities does RapidHire software have?

    • RapidHire can report on any data that is entered into the RapidHire screens.  There is no limit to the number or type of reports that can be defined and produced.  All reports can be readily modified and set for any range of dates.  You can also produce reports on various tallies, such as applicants per recruiter, elapsed days or average number of days.

    • Here are some of the the reports to start with:


      • ALL AD RESPONSES AND REFERALS   --  Last 31 Days

      • APPLICATIONS ENTERED LAST 7 DAYS   --  Sorted and Counted by Recruiter

      • AD RESPONSES/ REFERALS: HIREDS ONLY  --  Drivers Hired Last 90 Days

      • ELAPSED DAYS - FROM APPLIED to HIRED  --  Drivers Hired Last 90 days


      • AVERAGE PROCESSING TIME  --  during the Last 30 Days

      • DRIVERS REJECTED --  during the Last 30 Days

  • Can managers track various cycle times, such as the time between receiving an application and hiring?

    • This data can be provided in one of the above reports and is also available on a real-time basis on the new CURRENT RECRUITING SITUATION management screen.

  • Can managers view the number of applications in the system and what stage they are at in the process?

    • Once you have defined and set the stages of hiring according to your own processes, then reports on these stages are readily available.  Additional tallies of applications at various stages is available on the new CURRENT RECRUITING SITUATION management screen.

  • Why should our trucking company choose RapidHire Driver Recruiting Software?

    • RapidHire was developed by a software developer who has hands-on experience with several major carriers.  This means RapidHire meets the specific needs of the trucking industry  with many exclusive features, like RapidHire's unique USIS/DAC interface, the RapidHire Internet Driver Application, the RapidHire Decision Tables, and RapidHire's compatibility with other popular programs.  Let us demonstrate all these RapidHire features in your recruiting department.  We are confident you'll say we're hired.

  • What costs are associated with RapidHire Driver Recruiting Software?

    • RapidHire is reasonably priced for all types of trucking companies, with low monthly plans, based on the size of your operation and selected options.  More importantly, RapidHire helps reduce hiring costs, more than paying for itself in increased productivity for your entire staff.

  • Send your questions about RapidHire to Mark Reese.

  • View the RapidHire Information Brochure.

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