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Blazing the trail
By Aaron Huff


Speed is the key to hiring quality drivers. Information technology can make your hiring process faster, better and less painful.

High turnover — more than 100 percent in truckload during the third quarter of 2002 — makes hiring drivers a continuing process. You may be so busy hiring drivers using your current process that you have never stopped to question whether there’s a better way of doing it. If your hiring process is laden with paper from application to hiring to management of qualification files, you may be creating problems for your company.

In a competitive environment, carriers that can process applications quickly have an edge in landing the most desirable drivers. Electronic processing of applications and required documentation through the Web and other means can speed that decision, reduce the workload on people responsible for the task, and reduce the potential for major errors due to illegible writing or paperwork snafus.

Carriers — especially larger ones — may benefit from the planning and tracking capabilities of some systems to fine-tune their recruiting and hiring efforts. And managing the ongoing driver qualification tasks in a digital environment can make your staff more efficient and more accurate.

Knowing what works
Managing the hiring process is especially difficult as a company grows and adds locations and multiple recruiters....................

.................... About three years ago, Monaca, Pa.-based PGT Trucking bought a driver recruiting management system called RapidHire for its AS400 mainframe computer. It was the first recruiting software package the company had ever owned, says Lori Brown, director of MIS for the 750-truck carrier. The software helps recruiters gather information from prospective drivers more quickly and more uniformly. RapidHire also has reporting features that allow users to determine, for example, which ads work in which areas, Brown says.

Advanced software to manage recruiting and hiring is not limited to large companies that have expensive mainframe systems. Driver Recruiting C/S is available in a subscription-based online version, says Ken Windle, president of IEG Software. RapidHire will be available in an online version in August or September, says Lloyd Tempero, president of RapidHire Software.....................

.................... RapidHire users can order DAC reports with the touch of a function key. Moments later, the DAC report is displayed to recruiters while the driver is on the phone.

RapidHire also has an optional feature called iApp that enables drivers to enter an application from a company website directly into the RapidHire software database.

KLLM Transport Services uses an online application from RapidHire Software to make its hiring steps — such as data entry and verification of past employment using DAC Services — more efficient.

KLLM Transport Services uses the iApp system to give drivers an immediate response, telling if they meet experience and location requirements. If they do, they are told so while they are on the website and asked to call the company immediately.

“DAC employment verification occurs at the touch of a button, and the driver receives real-time feedback on our interest level at the time they click the application submit button,” says Vincent Schott, vice president of information services for Jackson, Miss.-based KLLM Transport. “These applications are processed in minutes and, in many cases, job offers are made to qualified individuals in as little as a day.”....................



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