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With RapidHire, drivers can enter an employment application through the internet.   When the application is submitted, it automatically goes into the RapidHire database and is immediately available for recruiter review.

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Internet App Features

Allows Drivers to Interview On-Line Over the Internet

RapidHire's Internet Application allows prospective drivers to complete an initial screening and application.  It requires only a standard Internet web browser for driver access, and is available to drivers 24 hours per day, every day.  Back to Top

Company Specific, Driver Screening Questions

The qualifying questions used in the RapidHire Internet App is specific to your company, and can be easily changed as your requirements change.   Back to Top

Driver Applications Go Directly Into Your RapidHire Database

When a driver completes an internet application, it is immediately filed into your company's RapidHire database. Time consuming and error-prone manual data entry is eliminated. The application is immediately available to your company's recruiting staff with the full power of the RapidHire Recruiting Management system at their disposal to process it.  Back to Top

Link to Your RapidHire Internet App from Any WebSite

A link to your RapidHire Internet App can be setup from your company's website or from any other website you choose. Any number of links from your website and other websites can be created.  Back to Top

IWe Host It For You

We host it for you on our webserver, using a Verisign Digital Certificate for data encryption and security. Your driver applications will be immediately and securely delivered directly into your RapidHire Recruiting Database for processing.  Back to Top

This is a sample of RapidHire's Internet Driver Application.
To view a demonstration of RapidHire Software, please Schedule an Online Demonstration.

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