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Proud Members of

Colorado Motor
Carriers Association

Here's what some of our valued customers say about using RapidHire:

KLLM Transport

KLLM Transport Services

February 5, 2003

Mr. Lloyd Tempero
9265 Anhawa Ave
Longmont, CO 80503

Dear Lloyd:

I am writing this letter to thank you and your company for the many years of loyal service and support shown to KLLM, Inc.

It seems like just yesterday KLLM was drowning in driver recruiting paperwork and spending hours faxing and manually processing DAC requests. Your RapidHire product has revolutionized our hiring process and lowered our cost structure, too.

It used to take several phone calls, tremendous data entry and multiple hours of work to obtain enough information to verify employment and hire a driver. It literally took days or weeks to hire a driver.

With RapidHire, all hiring steps are more efficient. Data entry is virtually nonexistent for applications received over the internet. We obtain all of the required information without having to type it ourselves, DAC employment verification occurs at the touch of a button, and the driver receives real time feed back on our interest level at the time they click the application submit button. These applications are processed in minutes and, in many cases, job offers are made to qualified individuals in as little as a day. Our turnaround time for drivers who use the telephone to contact us is similar. We do a little more typing but the complete automation of the DAC verification is a HUGE time saver. To summarize....WOW!

In my opinion, RapidHire is the most efficient driver recruiting package in the industry. Why? I know of no other recruiting package that has an automated DAC verification solution. Even if other packages do everything else efficiently, they fall short when it comes to DAC.

I commend you for a job well done and look forward to our continued partnership.


Vincent Schott
Vice President of Information Services
KLLM, Inc.

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