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     RapidHire Driver Recruiting Management Software began deployment in 1998, as the first fully-integrated recruiting software developed specifically for the trucking industry.    It is the first to interface directly with HireRight/DAC, plus  introduce a comprehensive slate of functions and exclusive features to carry the full load of the driver hiring process.  The people of RapidHire constantly  work  to refine and upgrade our product to meet the ever-changing needs of  transport companies.


  • Lloyd Tempero - President

    • With over 30 years in IT research, development and management, Lloyd Tempero developed RapidHIre Driver Recruiting Management Software. Lloyd brought his experience to the trucking industry in 1991, as information technology director for a major trucking company.  Ultimately, he began developing software for companies nationwide, fielding repeated requests from administrators seeking software to make their hiring more efficient and productive.

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    Want to know more about RapidHire Recruiting Software?  These trucking company managers will tell you how RapidHire has improved their hiring process.

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